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Ana Andjelic on why IKEA is her favourite consumer brand

1. What is your favorite current consumer brand, and why?

I am obsessed with IKEA's business model. They keep reinventing themselves by constantly changing the context where they show up through their various collaborations, sustainable initiatives, and design refreshes. It would be easy for IKEA to position itself as a furniture brand, but instead, they define the company as the "source of well-designed everything." This definition allows IKEA to keep growing and capturing different segments of the consumer market, many of which would never have considered IKEA (e.g. gamers, streetwear enthusiasts, sustainability obsessives... ).

The company is just a fantastic example of considered and strategic growth and expansion. They even have an apparel line in Japan, done in collaboration with Harajuku trendsetters [pictured left].

2. What are your three top sources to stay informed about the world of e-commerce and consumer brands?

The key is not to have top sources! I have many sources and they rotate constantly - it can be Instagram, Twitter, LeanLuxe Slack Channel, Public Announcement newsletter, FT How to Spend It ... it's a mix of social media, newsletters, traditional media, and communities.

3. What is one easy thing any brand could start doing today to be more relevant for its customers?

Being able to define clearly and concisely why it exists in the first place!